Karla Hernando is a Mexican painter who lives in Mérida Yucatán. She has also developed as an information designer and editorial designer. She studied Visual Arts with a specialty in painting at the University of the Americas-Puebla. She stayed at the University of Salamanca, Spain for a year while studying. Later, she completed a Master’s Degree in Information Design at the same University.

The topics that have always interested her are related to the care of nature and the appreciation of the beauty of the plants, insects and animals of the Earth. She has worked as an information designer for companies that are dedicated to sustainability and improving our environment such as El Centro Mario Molina, Sustainable Capital, the World Bank. She has created the editorial design of the book “Diseño de Paisaje para Ciudades Biodiversas” together with a team of 11 specialists.

Another topic that has interested her is the emotional well-being of children. For 10 years she worked in different educational institutions where she used art as a means to help children learn. She realized the importance of the emotional part in children and how art and creation help them to live fuller lives. So her later years she has developed children’s illustrated books that have a focus on helping children with their emotions. For 5 years she was part of the team of Habla: the Language and Culture Center in Mérida Yucatán, where she was coordinator and artist resident. For 3 years she was part of the Guapamacátaro art residency in Michoacán where she carried out projects with the community of children near the hacienda where the residency takes place every year.

Her interest in continuing to grow as an artist led her to develop an art residency in Cefalù, Sicily for several years. For 3 consecutive years, she invited several international artists to create with her for a few months and they exhibited their work in the different exhibition spaces of the city.

Now she has her atelier in Mérida Yucatán, from where she produces her work and shares it.

Photography: Claudio Lortie

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