108 HUGS (2014 - today)

108 Hugs is a serie of drawings and paintings that Karla Hernando began in 2014. For a long period she was asking all he friends and family and followers on Facebook to send her picture of hugs and she was drawing and painting them and then returning them through the social network. 

This project was born when she saw her aunt Monica and her boyfriend Sergio hugging while she took a photo of them. Monica suffered the after effects of the guillan-barre syndrome that left her partial paralysis, decreasing her lung capacity and a tracheotromia. She couldn’t hug people with her arms, although according to the artist she hugged your with her eyes and all her presence. This project is an offering for her life and her absence today. And precisely there are 108 hugs because to Buddhism and Hinduism it is a sacred number to pray with mantras.

Now in 2020 and 2021, with COVID-19, she asked again for more photos of hugs to complete his 108 hugs. She still keep working on this serie. 


If you have a picture of a hug from an important persona in your life and you want to be art of this project, contact us
through the whatsapp of this website and send us your photo. The artist Karla Hernando will send you the drawing.
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